Spinning since the age of 13, DJ Krimi first found his passion for
music through Hip Hop in 1988.
Soon he turned to Soul & Funk and then discovered the rhythmic instrumentals of African & Latin music. Following his love of music, DJ Krimi opened a record shop in 1992. With vinyl at its peak, his shop provided endless opportunities for creative exploration.
After several dates in Switzerland, Paris and at La Cantina (Chamonix Mont-Blanc), he became resident DJ at Soul Food Dancefloor (Chamonix Mont-Blanc-France) taking people away every night with unconventional sounds inspired by Latin & Afro Sounds, Hip Hop 90′s, Reggae, Soul, Funk & much more.
Since then he has collaborated with several talented artists such as Ayité d’Aryotaux, Eklips, Dj Mars, Time Bomb Label, Afu-Ra, Glenn Red from Afro-Funké & Play his tunes at Chile, Colombia, Los Angeles & New York City-Harlem…
2 years ago he started his own radio broadcast, still running 24/7.

Radio Krimi :